The main karmic direction in the natal chart is read from the position of the North and South Moon nodes. Still, the position of the Sun itself indicates some basic determinants because its light illuminates the human path. It is no coincidence that it is exactly where it is – in a specific sign, field, degree, or at least decades.

There are 36 decades in the Zodiac Circle of 360 degrees. So let’s look at the Sun’s influence over the decades and related to the karmic path.

Born from – to:

1.) 21.3. – 30.3.

Relationships with other people, and especially with the opposite sex, have been a significant theme in your past life. You have often lived for others by forgetting yourself. This tendency brought your position even to the level of dependence because you also left essential decisions to the other side. The environment you lived in was sleek and tidy, and it nurtured gentlemanly qualities. Because of all this, now, in this life, you need to learn the lessons of independence and determination, even when it would be easiest to rely on others. What you can do or run yourself, do it yourself. It is also important that you nurture self-discipline.

2.) 31.3. – 10.4.

You are a person who knows people and who respects others. In a past life, you were probably involved in diplomacy or you were in a position to reconcile the quarreling parties. That is why you understand different opinions and cultivate tolerance. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of flattery around you, so you are occasionally inclined to give in to swindlers, because it is a temptation you have been carrying since before. But on the contrary, you should now resist such challenges and overcome them with an independent way of thinking, firmer attitudes and an unwavering will to push things to the end. Develop something of your own, something of your own and anything that contributes to your personality. Deal more with yourself and less with others.

3.) 11.4. – 20.4.

In a past life you have completed or successfully completed a beautiful love story and it has marked you in a way. You have probably lived a complete and happy life as a couple and achieved all his benefits with your loved one. That is why you are still a person who is generous and respects others. You were a good partner and a respectable citizen. You need to dedicate a little more to yourself and fight for your ideas, desires and principles. It is time to take matters into your own hands in this life and move a little more towards independence. An active and sporty lifestyle will shake off the monotony you sometimes feel, and encourage you to take a little more aggressive moves in life.

4.) 21.4. – 30.4.

Your past life was quite warlike. Either you were really in a fierce battle and you know all the secrets of strategic skills, or you found yourself in a situation where you just had to tear everything down to start over. This kind of complete transformation sometimes tempts you to ruin things even when they should be and when they are not needed. That is why it is of the utmost importance for you to learn how to live calmly without constantly destroying something. Your ideal this time should be a story about a house in flowers and a peaceful life and coexistence with others. It’s a picture and a path you need to take, and when it comes to warfare, forget it. Instead, nurture tolerance and diplomacy.

5.) 1.5. – 10.5.

For you in this life, the most giant puzzle is establishing the right value system, whether material or immaterial. And most of all because in your past life you broke up everything that came to hand. You may have tried to avoid it, but then things got so complicated that you were left without everything for a moment or you had to discard what you had. The environment in which you lived was turbulent. You need to understand your priorities and consistently follow them peacefully and stably possible by conventional methods.

6.) 11.5. – 20.5.

You have developed the art of destruction to end your past life. You were probably a general or military leader who destroyed certain areas and he was more than consistent in that. Now your old glory is coming to you through this life, so you have to do your best to maintain the status quo, to take care of your goods and to preserve the values ​​you possess. You will put a lot of effort into it, but over time you will realize more and more that it is not the point but the fact. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for you to take a constructive stance and contribute to something being built, produced or nurtured. It is best to focus on concrete and tangible results.