If you cannot keep up with me, if you don’t catch my eye or if I am not chatting you up, next one, please.

We’ll be diplomatic about it, but it won’t be long before we are kissing someone else.

Good, bad, Aries

So, you’re in love with Aries? May God have mercy on your soul? JUST KIDDING! We’re a catch – our love will make you regret not meeting us sooner.

Anyhow, now that we have intrigued you. There are a few things you should know about us. First and foremost, we’re the whole package.

I’m pretty sure it is a known fact, but let’s just make it straightforward.

So now, let’s dig a bit deeper.

13. Passionate 

We’re a Fire sign, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise. I have always been described as a passionate person, which I consider a blessing and a curse. (Maybe, a bit more of a gift).

On one side, we bring a lot of energy into the room. But, for the most part, it is good energy.

If we are not in the mood, maybe a bit of bad energy.

We’re the party’s life but might lose our temper at times.

12. Big ego 

We need a partner who comes after our ego at times, but in a way that makes us want to stay humble.

Make this balancing fun for both.

11. Adventurous 

We want to try 10 things at once. But if we’re not good at it, we immediately give up.

10. We get bored pretty quickly 

If you cannot keep up with me, if you don’t catch my eye or if I do not enjoy talking with you, thank you next. We will let you down quickly and nicely.

9. It’s all about the bigger picture 

We don’t care about details; we focus on the projects, ideas, goals, and what it takes to make them real. So details are not important at all. 

We might take care of it, but we won’t enjoy it. 

8. Aggressive 

When we want something, nothing can stand in our way. So it’s better for you to not be in our way. If you’re going to lose, that’s the only time you should go against us.

7. Passionate lovers

We fall in love quickly and passionately. We love to love.

And we are not afraid to show it.

6. Excited about life 

Honestly, many things excite us: traveling, literature, theaters, people, the world, YOU. When we are excited about something, we want to experience it fully. If we worry about minor details, we miss out on all the good things.

5. Loyal 

Don’t mess with your friends. Don’t mess with the people we love. We can hold a grudge for years. Then, we can tell you what we cannot do, and you won’t like it.

The enemies of our friends are our biggest enemies.

4. Aggressive and straightforward 

It’s an excellent way of saying that we don’t hold back. But, of course, we can be careful of what we communicate with our parents or our boss because it’s etiquette. But we despise not being vocal about our feelings. So the best thing to do is to jump in and stop us before it’s too late.

3. Hard-working

If you want Aries to give his best, find something he is passionate about. Warning: it’s only if he likes the job. Otherwise, you get a lazy and sloppy worker.

2. Patience is not our strong suit 

Literally, we don’t have any patience. We want to do everything, like yesterday. If we can come on time, why can you not? Don’t even get us started on traffic jams or waiting in line. This is impossible to control or even change. 

1. I need my space 

We’re independent, and we need to have some time apart. We must have, to be precise. If we feel trapped, we might go wild and run away.

We’re attracted to someone who has their own hobbies and interest and who will let us breathe. Of course, we appreciate our time together, but sometimes we need our space.


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