I AM SIMPLY THE BEST: 11 reasons why the Scorpios are the best out of the best

Scorpio is a Water sign and is very vocal about their emotions. Although emotions are significant, they prefer hiding them rather than opening up immediately. These are some of the things only Scorpios understand. 

11. Biblical revenge 

Someone has crossed you over big time, and your revenge is Biblical. But, of course, you don’t have a detailed plan that involves tons of trash and wicked things. It’s just coming out of the blue. 

10. Never ask for help 

Your friends have found out about a problem only after struggling with it for a long time. God forbid you to ask for help and support.

9. Vulnerability is your kryptonite 

Asking someone out and letting them know your feelings – it’s as severe as a proposal. Being vulnerable is your biggest fear. 

8. Red carpet ready or a homeless look


Every time you leave your apartment, you’re either looking like a movie star or like you haven’t showered in a month. There’s no middle.

7. Pizza life chose you 

You’re the only one who is over the moon that your coworkers have ordered a pizza. You’re jumping around like it’s your birthday. Everyone is telling you to calm down. It’s just a PIZZA. 

6. Suspicious 

Even after a 5-year friendship, you don’t fully trust that person. So you sleep with one eye open because you don’t trust a soul. It’s exhausting being you!

5. All in our nothing at all! 

You give up on taking things slow because three seconds after meeting someone, you are already planning a wedding. So you always go all in – even if the person is not the one.

4. Socially anxious 

When someone tries flirting with you, you immediately fall for their charms and get nervous. As a result, you are not comfortable around others. 

3. Resentful

You have a list of people that have crossed you over at least once. You hold a grudge and don’t forgive. You remember every single did someone did.

2. Fake amnesia 

You act as if you have forgotten what someone did or said – good and evil. You certainly don’t remember your first movie date or your first kiss. I mean, why would you? 

1. Waiting is not for you 

When you enter a crowded store, you don’t think twice before leaving. You just hate waiting – even if it means not having your favorite cup of coffee. 

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