They believed that the positions of stars and planets affected people’s lives, and many buildings, including pyramids, which are precisely oriented towards the stars, are witnesses to that. Greek and Roman astronomers later used their 365-day calendar, which is the basis of today’s world calendar.

These people were so dedicated to astronomy that every child at birth would receive their map of the sky, which revealed their personality and destiny. Their horoscope, which is probably the oldest in the world, is also divided into 12 signs, and each of the signs is ruled by one god.

Amon-Ra (April 26 to May 25)

Amon-Ra is the union of two great gods, who so united represent the universal god of the Sun, building and creation. Children born under his rule are most often translators in their departments, presidents of the class community, captains of sports teams, and when they grow up they become leaders, movers and live life as a mission they must accomplish. You will recognize them in professors, teachers, athletes and politicians. Their plant is sage, the flower is Pushkin, the tree is oak, the animal is ram, and the precious stone is turquoise.

Hathor (May 26-June 24)

Hathor is the goddess of heaven, ancient, foreign lands, goddess of women, motherhood, music, drunkenness and festivities. People born under her rule are characterized by empathy, caring, sensitivity, affection. Their emotions are deep and sincere. They know how to be possessive in love, but they are good friends. You will recognize them in painters, actors, pharmacists, media-related occupations. Their plant is fennel, bitter gourd flower, elm tree, animal cow, and precious stone jasper.

Benu (June 25-July 24)

Benu or Phoenix is ​​the god of calendars, time and resurrection. Its symbol is a sacred bird born from its ashes. People born under his rule are known for their eternal optimism, even in difficult times. They know how to take a hit and adapt quickly. They know how to motivate, comfort and encourage. You will recognize them in miners, bankers and other occupations whose integral part is risk. Their plant is nutmeg, their flower is narcissus, alder tree, animal menorah, and precious stone amber.

Anubis (July 25-August 28)

The jackal god is the most important god of the dead and the afterlife, the protector of mummies and the deceased. Persons born under his rule are adorned with responsibility, independence and ability. These are wise people, whose intelligence and compassion entice everyone who needs help. You will recognize them in lawyers, workers in humanitarian organizations, social workers. Their plant is heather, digitalis flower, yew tree, animal jackal, and gemstone obsidian.

Tot (August 29-September 27)

God of the Moon, wisdom and teachings. There is no unsolvable problem for people born under his rule. However, their thoroughness and thoughtfulness often replace haste in stressful situations. You will recognize them in economists, bookkeepers, teachers. Their plant is thyme, marigold flower, quince tree, ibis animal, and precious stone carnelian.

Horus (September 28 to October 27)

Horus is the god of war, heaven, royal authority and protector of children. His symbol is a man with a falcon’s head. People born under his rule are adorned with courage and ambition. Their social status is essential. You will recognize them in politicians, occupations in which uniforms are worn, athletes. Their plant is rosemary, carnation flower, acacia tree, animal falcon, and gemstone citrine.

Wadget (October 28 to November 26)

Protector of the land, mothers and kings. Her symbol is a snake or a woman with two snakeheads. People born under her rule are restrained, cautious, mysterious. In friendships, they demand complete loyalty, so they do not have many friends, while others seem arrogant and inaccessible. You will recognize them in doctors, surgeons, police officers. Their plant is mustard, hyacinth flower, ash tree, animal snake, and amethyst gemstone.

Sekhmet (November 27 to December 26)

Goddess of war, fire, plague. People born under her rule constantly crave action, superficial emotions, ghosts, and careless. They are good friends until they want something of yours. Then they can tread over the dead. You will recognize them in journalists, hunters, researchers. Their plant is black pepper, holy poppy, sandalwood tree, lioness, and gemstone tiger’s eye.

Sphinx (December 27 to January 25)

She is the guardian of spiritual and material treasures. It can change its shape depending on the situation, so people born under its rule are persistent adaptable, with long-term plans and goals. You will recognize them in historians, scientists, philosophers, private entrepreneurs. Their plant is coriander, lily flower, almond tree, animals lion and eagle, and precious stone quartz.

Shu (January 26 to February 24)

A very powerful god of wind and air. He is represented with a crown or feather on his head. People born under his rule do not seem to belong to this world. They are unconventional, not subject to environmental pressures and opinions. Their ideas are ahead of the times in which they live. You will recognize them in inventors, doctors, writers, programmers. Their plant is lemon balm, iris flower, birch tree, swallow animal, and gemstone moonstone.

Isis (February 25 to March 26)

Goddess of the Moon, nature and magic, and at the same time the personification of the Earth’s power. People born under her rule are idealists, dreamers, adorned with strong intuition and changeable nature. They manage to penetrate what is hidden from most other people and see the real reality. That is why they are often sad and lonely. You will recognize them in nurses, doctors, artists, catering workers, therapists. Their plant is snake grass, world rose, plane tree, animal cat, and gemstone ultramarine.

Osiris (March 27 to April 25)

God of the underworld and eternal life. People born under his rule are hasty, reckless, but their energy affects the environment. They are not too sentimental when they break up, change jobs or place of residence, you will recognize them in occupations related to fashion, athletes, salesmen. Their plant is basil, the world of violets, the cedar tree, the animal scarab, and the precious stone agate.