IF HE TICKS THESE BOXES, HE IS THE ONE: 10 things you look for in a man and the first one is the most important

When you are looking for MR.RIGHT, you have to meet a lot of wrong ones first. It is inevitable, and it is almost impossible for the first one to be THE PERFECT ONE.

If a tall, handsome, dark-haired man is your dream boy – bad news, he is not the one to make you happy!

If you really want a happy ending, here are ten things your perfect man should have: 

10. Kind to others 

9. Intelligent 

8. Good sense of humor

7. Respectful 

6. Tolerant

5. Calm 

4. Has a clear plan for his future

3. Openly talks about his feelings

2. Well–mannered

1. Loyal

Instead of focusing on his looks, try to find someone who checks at least 8 of these boxes. We guarantee you will be a lot happier than chasing a stud. 

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