WHAT DO MEN USUALLY CHOOSE: Team” Girl Next Door” Or Team” Femme Fatale”

Do you think your hot, intelligent, and sophisticated friend is having trouble choosing just one perfect man as her boyfriend? I don’t think so. Although looks play a big part in determining their next girlfriend, they prefer someone average-looking who will laugh at their jokes rather than little miss perfect.

Recently, a social study at the University of Northwestern was conducted, including 163 students who went out on a date to explore what is attractive and what is not. The researchers asked boys first what they like more – physically attractive women, women with compatible personalities, or innovative businesswomen.

Yet again, as expected, the dudes have chosen hot girls. The next step was going on a date with their perfect match. However, when they started talking to each other, something changed. Meeting a hot girl doesn’t guarantee chemistry.

Men are looking for someone who makes them feel comfortable and supportive if they are serious about their future together. In addition, they want someone whom they can trust.

The issue with glam girls is the constant fear you are not good enough for them. You are constantly on the verge, which makes them cool off and choose someone else.

The researchers had discovered that when men started talking with women (not the posters on the wall, but like women in flesh and blood) – they fell for ones they could have long conversations with. Not the ones they found to be freaking sexy. They would rather date the next-door girl, not some dream girl.

In the end, it seems that being an average, ordinary girl is better than some stuck–up wannabe model.

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