10. You tend to overthink and analyze every little thing that went wrong since someone doesn’t like you 

9. Most of your messages are: “You should come over and let’s go out. No, I want to stay in tonight. OK. What’s up? I’m bored. We should meet up.”. You appreciate solitude but also like being with others. 

8. If you need to make a tough decision, avoid it by taking a nap. Technically, it counts like one. 

7. You are so chill and slow that you are always an hour late. It has cost you many jobs and friendships. So what? Haters gonna hate

6. You are a perfect match for 99% of people on Tinder and you fell in love with each of them. You see the beauty in everyone and just swipe and swipe and swipe right. 

5. No one ever thinks you’re angry or they did you wrong. You’re so passive-aggressive and once you snap, they get terrified. 

4. You get stuck in a really toxic relationship because it’s always and forever – or never. Remember – you dated that cheating, bearded dude for three years despite him hitting on each of your friends. 

3. You are spending money as it grows on trees. You’re pretty a shopaholic – which is weird because you stopped making money long ago. 

2. Please give this person an Oscar! You’re so good at pretending you got it all figured out that no actor is a match for you. But you have to put on a brave face for your loved ones. 

1. When someone cuts the line – you just lose it. It doesn’t have to be your line. You are all about fair play, and if you don’t fight for justice, it feels like you don’t exist. You were born to fight evil by night.

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