I AM THE ALPHA: 3 zodiac signs who will still hit on other girls even if they are not single

They are dominant individuals and skillful Casanovas. They are very charming and fun. Who wouldn’t want to date them? Dear ladies, here are the three signs that will treat you like the queens you are. 


The first Zodiac sign is definitely the one in charge. The Aries is ruled by Mars, the warrior planet. This is a fully formed man with an attitude. Ambition won’t let them be pushed aside. 

In a relationship or at work, the Aries always has to be on top and won’t easily give up. They want someone with the same interests. 


Taurus is an ideal match for the ladies because he’s under the influence of the sensual Venus. No one will understand the needs of the ladies better than the Taurus. 

They will give their all in the sack and make their partner happy in every way possible. Any lady would be lucky to be by his side. 

1. LEO 

One word – KING! There’s no need to say this is a dominant individual. Whoever has been loved by them knows how sensual and intense it is. 

He stands up for his partner and wants a lady with manners and good looks. He doesn’t care about mediocrity. It’s all or nothing, babe.

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