Sagittarius knows how to cross boundaries and test the people’s patience around them. They know that words cut more profound than a knife. So they are great at putting up their defenses. Instead of being mad, they go through life with a smile. 

Even if they have anxiety, they don’t show it. Once you cross the border, they will say everything they have been holding back. They are social but don’t want to be a part of any cliques. They feel the best being in a small circle of friends.

Keep reading if you want to know the life philosophy of the Sagittarius: 

  1. They’ve got nothing to hide and always tell the truth 
  2.  They wear their heart on their sleeve, but they change entirely once you cheat on them. 
  3. They don’t need your pity. They know how to get their chin up and move forward, no matter how hard it is 
  4.  If someone doesn’t want to be their friend, they’re okay with it. They only need two or three friends, anyhow.
  5. Sometimes they talk too fast and too much. 
  6. If they feel the need to leave, they will go without much fuss. Sometimes they just need to charge their batteries and come back optimistic. 
  7.   They need a lover who won’t try to change them. They want someone open-minded, fun, and positive.
  8. They will always help out those in need of help. But if you take advantage of them, you will never see them again. 
  9. They are easy to talk to but hard to understand.
  10.  They don’t want to miss out on any good opportunity. They like surprise kisses. 
  11.  As long as you respect them and their decisions, they’re happy.
  12.    Don’t ask for their opinion if you are not ready for it. Because they always tell it how it is. 
  13.  What makes them happy? Travelling and the sense of freedom. They don’t want to be stressed out. 
  14.    They lose their patience when they don’t benefit from the situation. Their biggest pet peeve is know-it-alls.
  15.  Their expectations are not too high.
  16.   You get what you see – there’s no false pretense. 
  17.  The worst thing you can do I doubt their honesty or loyalty. 
  18. they finish everything on time – even if it is at the last minute 
  19.  A free-spirited person who loves going on adventures and escaping everyday life. 
  20.  Biggest fear: being stuck in a rut.


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