YOU EITHER LOVE OR HATE PISCES: 10 reasons why it is a thin line

Pisces are imaginative and emotional but sometimes a bit shady. Sometimes their dreamy personality makes them seem like a child.

10. They are so needy 

Pisces may not say it openly, but they need a lot of love and attention. So they usually give more than they get and expect you to be very attentive. As hopeless romantics, they prefer to be in a serious relationship rather than just s fling. 

9. They are creative 

Pisces do not like something dull and usual. They find peace in drawing, writing, or painting. When choosing a job, they tend to choose something that lets them express their artistic side. To love Pisces means accepting their need to be creative and innovative and supportive of their dreams and aspirations.

8. Loyalty is the most important 

Pisces are very loyal, and they won’t leave your side that easily. They feel the best when in a long-term relationship, so if they choose you, there’s no reason to fear you’ll be replaced.

7. Romance and passion go hand in hand 

Pisces are very mysterious about what they want, and it’s no different when it comes to passion. However, it won’t take much to keep the flame alive. Simple romantic dinner with candles, bed of roses, or sensual back rub, and they’re on cloud nine. Just make them feel appreciated. 

6. Philosophy is their favorite science 

Having a conversation with Pisces may require some serious reading or knowledge. Conversations about aliens why we were sent on this round thing called Earth will just win their hearts. Of course, you can keep it simple, but intrigue their intellect if you really want them to fall head over heels.

5. Generosity 

Pisces will go all out to make their loved ones happy. However, they have a tendency to compromise if it will make their partner happy.

4. Dreams are their home 

Pisces like to daydream – it’s in their DNA. So if you love Pisces, accept their personality and the fact they have their own vision of life. It may make connecting with them a bit hard, but that’s okay.

3. Staying in is their cup of tea! 

Pisces is a homebody, maybe the sole embodiment of the term. They would rather stay in and cuddle than take you to a wild night out. Although Pisces appreciates their time with their partner, having a movie night is their idea of a perfect date.

2. Kind of an introvert

Although they love spending time with you, sometimes they just need some alone time. It is their chance to just let the negative energy into the space. Give them enough space, but don’t let them shut you out completely. Remind them that you are there for them and ready to return to being their lover.

1. They have a big ass heart 

If they have a crush on you, they will be very subtle about it. They have to be sure you won’t break their heart and make sure you have genuine feelings. So let them know how you really feel, and they will open up.