HAPPILY EVER AFTER? Hmmm, not really: Here’s why every sign loses faith in true love

I will love you till the end of time. Love is the greatest feeling in the world! It can turn darkness into light! Love is the magic that erases all the bad things in life.

But it doesn’t last forever and you may ask: why? Can someone tell us when it will stop? Why do we do stupid things when in love? 

This article will tell us why everyone stops believing in true love. In addition, this knowledge will help you know your relationship’s phase – work, love, or friendship.


Cheat on me and you will regret it! 

It is believed that the God of War (Mars) is tightly connected with Aries, which makes this sign a true fighter. It’s in their nature to be feisty (sometimes it is like Don Quixote fighting the invisible). If you wish to keep him interested, always give him something to conquer.


Break my heart and that’s it!

Taurus is a rugged individual who can survive almost anything. You can hurt them but not quickly destroy them. Earning his trust is very hard, but it can be used against Taurus once it is earned. They get easily offended if you badmouth their home or appearance. So choose your words wisely.


Play with me and it’s on to the next one!

If you want to trick a Gemini, just don’t. You will never be able to do it. No plan will work with this intelligent and communicative sign (they are related to the sole God of intelligence and communication – Hermes). Gemini will be as sweet as honey, as long as you don’t try to play them. If Gemini discovers your plan, it’s a war you don’t want to start. You will just end up looking stupid.


If you ever let me go, that would be the end of us! 

Goddess of Love Artemida/Diana and the Moon sync with this sign. The Cancer enjoys being around people, but also likes his own company. When in a relationship, the Cancer likes balance. If they trust you, they will do anything for you.

Cancer gives tremendous importance to emotional security. That’s why you should always make them feel safe and never hurt them. Their love will live as long as you don’t persuade them into the opposite. If he stops loving you, his love will never be back again.


Make a fool out of me and I will kick you to the curb! 

The Sun is in sync with Leo – the center of the Universe is non-other than Leo. That’s why he likes being complimented and social life is significant. Leo likes genuine people who show appreciation. Do not insult Leo. He’s pretty much aware of his flaws and all. He will love you until he starts feeling unappreciated. 


Until death do us apart!

Mercury is this signs planet, which makes the Virgo caring and realistic. Honesty is the best policy for them. The Virgo needs to be in sync with their surroundings. If they spot even a trace of dishonesty, they are out of the door. They have great faith in humanity and think everyone is good – pretty light target. The flame will burn as long as they can rely on you.

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