THE VOICES IN MY HEAD ARE TELLING ME: Horoscope for all those who appear to be a bit out of their minds


You doubt your friends are really your friends and the real enemy. Only your loved ones find you successful (until you turn your back and then the story completely changes).


All your fantastic business ideas get the stamp of approval because people are scared to be straightforward with you. You feel the tension in the air, but try to be calm for the moment being.


There’s no need to spill the tea about your kinky connection to your doll collection (it is better to leave some things a mystery). Let them wander while You sip the tea. Keep the inner child to yourself. If you want to have friends, of course.


You can’t see eye to eye with the doctor about self-destruction. He is trying his best (for the money, not for your benefit). Unfortunately, the other half is moody and avoids fulfilling your sexual desires.


Sleep with your eyes open at all times. Keep looking over your shoulder more often because you are being followed (not just on Instagram ! ). Someone is plotting against you and they’re not alone in bringing you down. The only one you can trust is your partner. Convince them to keep an eye on suspicious people.


You’re being a Drama Queen!

No matter who wants to get it on with your significant other, you’re the only one who can have them. You’re each other’s ride or die.

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