I THINK I MET PRINC CHARMING: 10 things that make Cancer a perfect man 

Every woman should have one in her life. Influenced by the element of Water, men born as Cancer have a prosperous soul. If your man was born as a Cancer, you already know it.

Today we bring you 10 features that only Cancer men have :

10. Caring 

They’re very caring towards their friends and family. They’re susceptible and warm and careful not to hurt others by their words or deeds.

9. Kind–hearted 

Cancer is kind–hearted and will never hurt you. They’re very understanding and considerate. If you want to be a part of their world, you must prove you’re reliable.

8. Sensitive 

They’re very sensible and always ready to help out others. They’re caring and always know the right things to say and do, even in a sticky situation.

7. A shoulder to cry on 

If your male friend is a Cancer, he will be your most significant support. Once they make a promise, they do everything to keep it. 

6. Workaholics 

Man Cancer is workaholic. They give 100% at work and want to do everything on time. They make great co-workers because they’re very understanding.

5. Moody 

They are moody by nature. Even the most minor thing gets their goat. Sometimes their sensitivity makes other people lose it. For example, cancer will not stop until they solve the problem.

4. They hold a grudge 

If you let them down or hurt them, they mostly forgive you but never forget.

3. Trustworthy

Male Cancer are the first ones you want to go to if you’re in trouble. They’re very reliable and you can always lean on them.

2. Loyal 

Loyal to the very end. They will follow you to the end of the world, just to help you. 

1. Softies 

They look tough outside, but they’re very squishy and warm people. They may appear cold and uninterested, but you see how soft they really are once you get to know them.

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