PISCES ( 19/2 – 21/3)

The psychology and love preferences of the Pisces

Pisces are known for their dreamy eyes with a unique sparkle. If you look closely into their eyes, you will like you’re under a spell. They give off a mystical vibe. The Pisces are very sensible and are guided by their intuition. We are talking about a hypersensitive, emotional and fragile person. Pisces are highly imaginative and subjective and everything is controlled by their emotions. They have a very artistic way of expressing themselves. They can barely keep their emotions under control; they’re hopeless romantics and dreamers. Everything about them is a bit too dramatic and challenging to take in.

There’s a great anecdote that best describes their character.

 After living with a vivid and exquisite Pisces, a man is telling his friend: “You know she always sees and feels things in a particular way, a way that no one else does. Everything is under the influence of her mood and she’s very subjective. So we get each other in a way no one else could. ! “. 

 However, do not forget their feelings are sometimes complex and create chaos that gets them into trouble. Pisces have a set of excellent character traits: nobility, empathy, and tenderness. They are very sensible with others. Sometimes a bit naïve and easy to take advantage of. Everything feels personal to them. They fall in love easily, and winning them over is a piece of cake. They tend to be very secretive about their feelings and don’t have the guts to tell what they really think. They are hiding in their dream world, not facing the music. Happy end fairytale is their ultimate fantasy.

How to hit on the Pisces

Use your most romantic voice and puppy eyes, and they’re yours. Of course, you have to be the most caring, subtle, emotional, and honest person. Still, the most important rule is: Go all out; don’t hold back your emotions! Do not expect them to make the first move, but secret signals, lovey-dovey notes.

The most important things to know about the Pisces

First of all, emotions are what gets them going. Emotions are their most significant weakness too. It’s straightforward to hurt their feelings. 

Their intuition is what gets get through life. They expect you to be the most understanding, caring, and supportive. They need someone to rely on and recognize their deepest emotions by just looking at them. To be their safe harbor in the storm of life. 


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