HOW ARIES REALLY IS: The psychology and the love language of the Aries

ARIES ( 22.03. – 20.04.)

Individuals born in Aries leave a powerful first impression. Their appearance, behavior, and how they express themselves are their main ace when meeting someone.

However, it should be emphasized they do it unknowingly, without previous planning. To be precise, Aries are usually spontaneous and honest. Aries are very energetic and almost impossible to control. Aries tends to be dominant and finds pleasure quickly, whether with their partner or any other person he’s attracted to. They are passionate and quickly feel sparks, making them look impatient and aggressive. They like taking a risk and being blunt about their feelings. They are pretty straightforward about their likes or dislikes. 

An anecdote best describes the psychology and the character behind Aries. After being in a long-term relationship with Aries, a woman shares her experience: You know he (Aries) is an honest man child. He can be very protective but very immature at the same time. But, most importantly, he loves me like there’s no tomorrow. All the others are just a pathetic excuse for a man compared to him. 

Indeed, their nature is passionate, and their emotions are powerful. They do not expect less from their other half. If you don’t love them the hardest initially, there’s nothing more to talk about. Aries can be romantic, attractive, charming, witty, gentle even dreamy, but only if appropriately encouraged.

How to hit on an Aries 

First, flirting has to be honest, open-minded, and spontaneous. But most importantly: let the Aries lead. The point is: You have to be the pawn, and the Aries is always the conqueror (no matter the gender). 

If you want to be their other half, here’s something you should know. They’re very jealous and possessive. They should not despise you or test your limits.

Be warned: do not fight with the Aries, because they are relentless and they will go hard on you. With them it is: “You got what you searched for “. The Aries has to be the dominant one, especially in public. So, it’s crucial to constantly inspire and challenge your Aries in all areas of life. What gives you a headache is that the Aries is the most enthusiastic for the first couple of months and uses many “love games, “and then the flame slowly burns down.


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