100% TRUE: These are the best lovers according to zodiac

We all fall in love and have different ways to show it. One way of showing it is teasing your partner; another is dinner with candles. Our star sign plays a significant role in how you display affection and what kind of lover you are. Are you the passionate Aries, traditional Taurus, or emotional Cancer? The answer is hidden in the text we will present today.

ARIES: A passionate lover 

Aries is prominent on an adventure. They’re passionate and enthusiastic. Dating them is never a dull moment.

TAURUS: Traditional lover 

Family–oriented, Taurus likes going on a couple of dates before getting in the sack. They are pretty simple – Netflix and chill is a big no-no. They instead choose family vacations or picnics (nothing wild). They are entirely dedicated and make you feel protected and safe.

GEMINI: Enthusiastic lover 

Everything has to be exciting. They are intelligent and full of life. They’re big on learning new skills, playing sports, just being on the move. They know what they want. So always motivate them and explore if you’re keeping the spark alive.

CANCER: Emotional lover 

Cancer is known as the most sensible sign. They’re incredibly loyal and kind-hearted and they don’t hide it. A relationship with a Cancer is romantic, full of emotions and understanding. They just want someone who will appreciate them.

LEO: Dominant lover 

Leo is a natural-born leader who is the dominant one even in a relationship. They need someone who doesn’t mind being subordinated. They have to be the center of attention all the time or else they are unhappy.

VIRGO: A calculated lover 

Virgos are calculated about everything. If they feel they are with the right person, they’ll ensure it lasts a long time. This is because they are very dedicated lovers and like being needed. 

LIBRA: Open-minded lover 

There’s no way a Libra can stay single. This sign likes connecting with others and it’s very open-minded. Imaginative and a bit clingy, they bring stability to the table.

SCORPIO: Loyal partner 

Scorpios are very loyal and they need someone honest and clever. They are earnest about intimacy and mutual respect. 

SAGITTARIUS: Adventurous 

People born in this sign are free-spirited and cannot commit. However, changes and traveling give meaning to their life.

CAPRICORN: Silent lover 

Capricorn is not that talkative. They need time to let you in. They show how they feel rather than say it. Once they get to know you, they are very dedicated.

AQUARIUS: Intellectual lover 

Aquarius needs to have their brain tickled to connect with others. They like deep conversations and have big dreams about their future. An Aquarius is extremely lively and inspiring to their partner.

PISCES: Romantic lover 

Pisces is the most romantic. Their love is genuine, and they will give you the world. They are passionate, extremely sensitive and hate flings. For them love has to be deep and lasting. Their sensibility and mellow nature make them the best lovers.


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