The aura, or energy field that surrounds the body, when healthy, is bright and strong. Then the person is energetic and full of enthusiasm, cheerful and self-confident, feels good and her life flows with ease. Your energy system is strong and resilient in that case, and everything is fine.

Although the aura can naturally regenerate itself, an impenetrable barrier is created when suddenly many bad things happen to us. The primary emotion is fear that resonates throughout the being and brings even more such situations. And if you don’t feel safe for a long time, the aura starts to close.

Do nightmares keep you awake at night? Yes, dreams often try to remove some energy blockage. Still, they can also upset you if you do not live and accept what is shown in the dream because it is also a part of you, and if you do not “follow the signs on the road”. Therefore, when the same dream occurs constantly, it must be taken extremely seriously.

When the aura contains many unnecessary things, it shapes your reality. Everything that happens to you and that has ever happened to you remains stored in you so the painful experiences you have through life can disrupt your aura. And when you deny what has hurt you or constantly talk about these situations, you further deprive yourself of the opportunity to heal and strengthen your energy field.

Simply, if you keep pressing the same “brain button”, you will always get the same result, because the aura absorbs what it is told. In this way, a problem that could have been solved faster is cut deeper and more significant over time. That is why you are the most important thing for yourself to take care of your aura!

Often family members also have a huge energy impact (especially if you spend a large percentage of your time with them, in the same space). So, for example, if your parents or partner think you need to have, do, or be something that doesn’t matter to you but is, then by trying to please them and not disappoint them, you become torn between multiple roles, and you can’t play any well. .

Also, an energetically clogged aura prevents you from intuitively feeling danger in relationships or situations, so you further injure yourself or allow others to do so to you. By “taking over” someone else’s energy, you further burden your aura, which then constantly feels attacked and must be defended. This often occurs in people who have allergies and chronic health symptoms, which do not go away.

Frozen energy in the aura, or otherwise grossly materialized energy, causes that part of the body (and the area of ​​life it symbolizes, such as kidneys – partnerships, throat – communication, lungs – freedom…) to begin to ossify, become fragile, break … And yes, the body protects itself in this way, because it does not know otherwise. The energy is still wasted (a “hole in the aura” is created) so you are constantly exhausted.

You know that situation where you don’t like someone right away? The person hasn’t even spoken yet, but it doesn’t “smell” to you at first glance. In fact, your energy fields bounce off, and you interpret that as mutual non-sympathy. You may know this person from previous reincarnations or he looks like someone you loved very much and the love was not returned to you. But it is this person who helps you heal something, because it initiates a transformation in you!

Imagine this situation now. You are furious. Someone hurt and annoyed you. Your stomach starts to ache and acid occurs. But you insist you are right and refuse to forget that event. The organs then absorb these destructive emotions, which you refuse to let go of. If you deprive the body of fresh energy or its natural circulation in the long run, it is by no means healthy. So the emotion of anger (and any other) only makes sense for the moment it is felt.

How do you know that there is an energy blockage in the aura and why is it dangerous? When energy is blocked, the aura is like a sprinkler or star (instead of egg-shaped) with very long arms. Its shape symbolizes that you crucify yourself too much in some situations and spend a lot of energy (long arms). In some situations, you are cramped and squeezed, and you do not let the energy flow freely.

With such an impenetrable energy fence, even positive things can’t get to you. It all goes together with the attitude that you are not good enough and even disbelief that you deserve something beautiful. When it finally happens, you cannot recognize and receive it.

This barrier blocks the flow of energy which is further manifested through poor health, financial problems, painful interpersonal relationships, lack of motivation, inability to receive and give love and ambiguity about life purpose, especially if the flow of energy is still burdened by karmic shackles with others or some space.

Illness is therefore always a way to draw attention to something that has been lurking in the subconscious for a long time. And before any disease or other problems appear, the signs of the aura can be seen in advance. They are like dots, dashes, fog, dull color, and they can be influenced by different energy techniques. These are all reasons to take care of the aura.

But you don’t have to wait for your aura to cement to clear it. Fortunately, there are a lot of simple practical tips whose introduction into your daily routine can lead to significant changes in yourself, and consequently in what is around you. To strengthen your aura, you do not have to understand everything, know exactly what the problem is, or go through some painful experience again. However, the energy of a traumatic situation needs to be released.

As the aura naturally clears, so at the same time the thought part is freed from beliefs that are unhealthy and restraining, that is, blocking you. You also get rid of the fear that served as a background for you, so the regenerated aura helps to develop clear boundaries and integrity.

Cleansing the aura will thus encourage the body to just set out on the path of regeneration, initiating vital processes in the body and developing the feeling that you are powerful and can solve everything you face on your own.

It is necessary to get rid of the accumulated old energy for a healthy aura. However, cleansing the energy field and chakras can trigger an emotional avalanche that has been dormant and act very tumultuous for some. But after the bora always comes peace. Therefore, this process should be carried out responsibly and not done on your own. After cleansing the aura, it is necessary to accumulate new energy, and then direct it to something meaningful that fills your heart and makes your soul happy.

In essence, all the painful situations and moments of life crisis always lead you to healing. Their function is not to stay stuck in them, because if that happens, it means that you did not do something well and that you went against yourself. Still, you can certainly change that with will, patience and effort.

There are many techniques based on physical exercises, special types of breathing, colors, smells, and a lot of mental exercises to release accumulated memories in the aura, according to everyone’s natal chart and spiritual lessons, which depend on Saturn’s natal setting. It is true that you need to constantly take care of your energy, because it is all that you are.

And what can each sign, even today, do to start regenerating its energy field?

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius)

It is recommended to spend the excess accumulated energy on sports (boxing or anything dynamic) and spend more time with the elderly who are calm and composed.

Also, directing energy into art and introducing regular scalp, back and leg massages is very beneficial for them. Excess mental energy should be directed to learning, traveling, writing memoirs, participating in debates.

Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn)

It is recommended to start the blocked flow of energy by staying in nature as much as possible, and to replace healthy and caloric food by learning to prepare healthy food and nutritious meals. Detox diet is definitely recommended! Excess mental energy should be spent on reorganizing the space and cleaning the bathroom. Blocked energy is good to focus on activities with the family or on repairs in the apartment. You need to spend more time with children, get a pet and do breathing exercises.

Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius)

It is recommended to channel the accumulated mental energy by writing a diary or recording a blog. It is essential to pay special attention to what you read, listen, and say. In addition, it is good to visit the theater regularly for the sake of emotional catharsis and the release of buried memories.

It is necessary to do as many activities on your own, but at the same time enjoy it. Excess energy in case of stress should be focused on activities with friends and volunteering, and rebellious behavior should be channeled through art and dance.

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

It is recommended to start buried memories by looking at old photos, touching jewelry that has been in the family for a long time or reading letters, and after painful awakening emotions, it is good to spend some time apart from family, arranging space or engaging in some form of art.

We need to practice yoga regularly, and direct the excess energy to throwing things that we no longer need. It is also recommended to meditate and swim, read spiritual books, or visit holy places.